Standard specifications for clutches:

Nominel speed: 100 rpm/min

Maximum speed: 200 rpm/min x 30 min.

Nominel torque: 10 Nm

Maximum torque: 35 Nm x 30 min.

Needs 12 volt DC / 1,1 Amp.

Electric specifications:

Standard c able for clutch with scanner:

0,5 meter, 4-conductor without connector.
Blue + black for scanner, brown + beige for coil.

Standard cable for clutch without scanner:

0,5 meter, 2-conductor without connector.
Brown + beige for coil.

All clutches are delivered with cable length and connector according to customer specifications.

Often mounted connectors:

AMP connector

Deutsch connector

Molex connector

Other connectors can be provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations.