GPS registration of farm fields will become a reality in the future. The basis for the GPS registration begins with the making of wheel tracks in the fields.

When making wheel tracks in the field, it is clearly indicated where to drive with the farmyard manure spreader and the crop protection agent sprayer.

In order to obtain a homogenous crop and an optimum crop yield, it is important to follow the dosage directions.

This technology can ensure resource savings, thus providing reduced costs as well as reducing impact on the environment – without reducing the crop yield.

JAC Track Clutches are an integrated part of the sowing machine. The tractor’s computer then controls the making of wheel tracks in the field.
Track clutches are installed directly on the sowing axis. The sowing wheels which control the wheel tracks are mounted on the clutch axle casing.

The clutches come as clockwise or anti-clockwise and with or without built-in revolutions indicator.

JAC Track Clutches are based on control through all known monitors.