Product instructions

We recommend that the gas spring is built in with the piston rod facing downwards considering dampening and lubrication of piston rod and seal. Tension springs are built in with the piston rod facing upwards.

We recommend rough tolerances in the suspension bolts (laterally in forks and eyes) in order to avoid lateral forces in the piston rod and cylinder. The cylinder tube must never be used as a guide or brace piping.

Spring power and dampening are not absolute in connection with temperatures in excess of 80 degrees C. The temperature may rise to maximum 140 degrees C – and not for more than maximum 5 minutes.

If there are active gasses or chemically etching substances near the gas spring, it should be manufactured for that purpose based on the formula of such substances.

Gas springs should be actuated once a month as a minimum.

Please note that gas springs are pressurised and therefore dangerous to open